unknow artist unicorn cryingWell.....I have no idea. (This is Andrew, by the way) Aaron has been really busy (lazy) lately, so he has not had the time to do any of the wonderful ideas I have made. If I could draw, the story would be much different. Unfortunately, I am not an artist. (Maybe with words...) Aaron now has a full time job. His availability for making comics is limited. Not much more I can tell you. It's dissapointing, but it's understandable.

What I can do is this, if you want me to, I can create what I have been planning on doing, but make it a full time thing. My idea was this: write short stories about Billy and the kid, and also have some other random short stories from time to time. Not really as exciting or visually entertaining as a comic, but will be entertaining nonetheless.

If this is something anyone would be interested in, let me know and I will start doing it right away. Just send me an email through our contact page or tell me on our Facebook page.

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